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We love assisting our couples with all the wedding related services. We offer either a full wedding planning service or a partial planning service depending on your needs and desires.

We offer support with all the main services, from the venue selection to the choice of the best vendors in line with your ideas, budget, and styling preferences. We always suggest our couples the most beautiful venues and the most professional suppliers on the Italian and Tuscan market, and we take care of all the details, from the wedding venues selection to the choice of the photographer, videomaker, catering, flower designer, stylist, and DJ, etc.

Vanessa Weddings and Events offers bespoke/tailor made wedding services studied in detail for a personalized event.

We satisfy every request

Just tell us about your dream, and we will do everything in our power to make it real!
Here is a list of the main aspects we can take care of:


We collaborate with a wide selection of venues in Tuscany and Italy. Whether you imagine your wedding in a luxury hotel, a rustic farmhouse, or a fairy-tale castle, we are ready to design top events and transform the spaces in an authentic dream wedding. You can choose among romantic villas with fantastic views over the hills, typical Tuscan vineyards, city roof terraces and stunning Medieval hamlets.

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We have selected for you the most prestigious and special venues where to organize an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy.


We will assist you with all different types of ceremonies.

Among them, we can distinguish three main types: symbolic, civil and religious. 

  • Symbolic
  • Civil 
  • Religious

The symbolic ceremony is the simplest ceremony, and it can be completely personalized, being simply a blessing. You can decide your wedding celebrant, who could be either one of your dearest friends or a professional celebrant chosen among our trusted suppliers. 

We will support with the drawing of the ceremony text and the personalization of some meaningful rituals: just to give you a few examples, you can add the unity candle ritual, the box ritual, the hands ritual, the promise to unborn child ritual, the sand ritual and the toast to life. The ceremony will include the same running order of a traditional ceremony, such as the bride entrance, the exchange of vows and wedding rings, but will be performed in a more relaxed and intimate manner.

Being a non-religious ceremony and having no legal value, it gives you a lot of flexibility: it can take place practically anywhere and contains everything you like the most. It conveys and expresses your personalities, talks about your love story and describes your values.

The other type of ceremony is the civil ceremony . It is a ceremony with a legal value and with it the wedding couple will be recognized as married anywhere in the world.  In order to officially get legally  married  in Italy you will need to prepare some official documents and we will be happy to support you in the paperwork preparation. Depending on your citizenship, there are some requirements to be met and a precise procedure to follow.  To do this, we would need to ask you for some personal information and ask for copies of your birth certificates, certificates of previous marriages if you have, copies of your passports and of your witnesses’. Then all these documents will be translated into Italian by our bilingual staff who will also support you in the translation of the actual ceremony on the wedding day. The celebration of the civil ceremony will be carried by the Registrar, who could be the Mayor of the city where you decide to marry or one of his assistants. This type of ceremony will be celebrated in the Townhall or in the so-called Casa Comunale, which is a branch of the municipality.

Being a ceremony with a legal value, the text of the ceremony may not be changed. It must in fact respect some specific criteria and the text, as well as the Italian articles that must be read by law, are quite fixed and pre-established. 

The composition of the text itself cannot be changed much. However, it can still be very romantic and emotional adding some brief rituals or personalizing the vows and the songs, always keeping in mind that it is a fairly short ceremony that varies from 20 to 40 minutes.

The last type of ceremony is the religious ceremony

Whatever your religion is, we can support you with the preparation of the religious ceremony and we put in contact with professional celebrants of all religions: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Indian, Persian etc. 

By the Italian law, the only religion recognized by the State and therefore the only ceremony that can have a legal value is the Roman Catholic rite and must necessarily be celebrated within a church.

The Protestant ceremony is one of the most common ceremonies performed in Italy by foreign couples as it actually is a blessing, but where it is possible to customize the text with some specific rituals of the Protestant ceremony: the choice of songs, the personalization of the vows, the exchange of the rings and if you want it is possible to include the Eucharist as well.

Do you want to discover more about a wedding ceremony? 


Italy boasts the most renowned catering companies and top chefs who will be happy to pamper your guests with the most exquisite cuisine and plates. We will assist you during the caterer selection, we will enjoy the menu and wine tasting together and can guarantee you will soon fall in love with the Italian flavours! Collaborating with International chefs, we can provide you any type of dietary requirements and create a menu following your tastes, flavours and preferences. All the menus will be specially designed for fruitarians, vegans, vegetarians, religious requirements, always maintaining the quality of the food.

The caterer is the pillar of the event. It provides food & beverage services, as well as open bars, and therefore it is a fundamental element for the success of the wedding. 

For this reason, we dedicate a lot of time to choosing this vendor and we collaborate only with professionals who are able to guarantee a good quality service and excellent, sophisticated and good-looking dishes. In fact, your guests will surely remember how they will have eaten and drank during your wedding.

Do not forget that the caterer is the part of the budget which you will invest more on, not to mention that also during the wedding day you and your guests will spend most of the time eating and drinking.

We will suggest you our trusted catering companies of different price ranges, this way we will be able to satisfy your requests respecting your budget. 

Some weeks before the wedding, we’ll carefully choose the menu of the wedding, also relying on the chef’s suggestions to combine the menu and matching it with the best wines.

Moreover, if you have the opportunity to come in Italy before the wedding, we will taste the menu and try their service.

Together with the caterer, we dedicate some time to the selection of the tableware and the mise en place set up: glasses, tables, chairs napkins, tablecloths, plates. 

The open bar is another fundamental element at the end of your wedding day.

We know how important it is to drink and celebrate during the party. You will be able to customize your drink list or let yourself be guided by the excellent barmen who will prepare for you and your guests the most exquisite cocktails, always in line with the style and atmosphere of the event.

We firmly believe that at the base of our choices there must be important values and a right ethic. We are well aware that our choices can negatively or positively weigh on the quality of our environment and the surrounding nature. This awareness leads us to take conscious choices and to try to minimize the impact that an event can have on the environment, nature and local businesses.

We take care and pay particular attention to this theme. In this regard, we would like to underline that together with the caterers and the vendors, we are proposing options that allow not waste too much food and minimize the use of plastic materials, preferring ceramic and washable tableware.  

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We are aware how important photos and videos are on your wedding day and in the wedding planning process. They have the precious role/task of preserving the memory and passing on the emotions of such a special day. Thanks to the photos, you will treasure special moments forever. It is important to dedicate time and attention to this choice. For this reason, we work with a team of selected experts and together we understand the photographer and videographer perfect for you.

On our planning /agenda/timeline, these are two services that are usually confirmed as firsts.  Being often only a single professional, we need to secure them as soon as possible to guarantee their presence on your day.

Photography is not an easy choice. The style is strictly personal, we first try to understand the style that the couple likes, depending on what type of artistic features they would like to convey and which kind of role they attribute to the pictures, if it is important for them to remember the details, or the story telling of the day or again pure emotions and instant moments.

We can distinguish some main styles: 


Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed. The photographer is able to capture every moment and is like a day coordinator guiding and directing the wedding.

A traditional wedding photographer has a heavy focus on formal family and guest portraits. 

If you love to remember every person present on your day and like posing for pictures, than this photography style is ideal for you.

Let’s imagine bride and groom outside the church, in the reception villa, kissing or hugging each other. This is the classic example of a posed photo. In this type of shot, the couple becomes the protagonist of the photo shoot, the representation of what the photographer has in mind. It may seem an “old” style, bit it is indeed an evergreen style.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography, is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

To obtain a good result,  portrait photographs needs to have an excellent ability to understand the perfect light, evaluate the right position of the subject, but above all the need to be expansive and sociable.

It is fundamental to create the best atmosphere and search for the best light, choose the setting, find the right position of the subject to enhance his features. A portrait photographer knows how to interact with the subject enthusiastically.

This last aspect is fundamental, the person portrayed must have a positive experience so that the shot is not affected by a possible discomfort of the subject.

Therefore, during the photo session, the photographer guides the subject, establishes a pleasant relationship by reassuring him/her and expressing compliments, in order to arouse natural expressions and the emotions that he wants to convey through his photographs.

Photojournalistic Storytellers – Photo reportage

The Photojournalistic style photography is currently the most preferred and requested by future bridesand grooms.

Photo reportage is the story of the wedding through spontaneous photos that tell the wedding in the most natural way possible.

It will therefore be the wedding photojournalist who decides which moments to shoot by taking natural photos while the couple is inside the church or at the reception while celebrating with their guests.

This sort of photographer tells the story of the day without your guests even noticing. They capture the funniest details and moves, things you could probably not notice on your day and it will be nice to live them through a photo years after.

Fashion Editorial

The fashion editorial style combines the features of photojournalistic with the candid and posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography as would be found in magazines.

This sort of photography style has recently become very famous, and many brides want to feel like models on their big day.

This sort of photography style focuses on the most aesthetic part, realizing pure, candid and refined to perfection photos through the usage of a rich post-production, enhancing the lights. 


Vintage style photographers can make your wedding look as if it happened in another age, either by the clever use of photoshop filters or by catching the most romantic moments. 


Videography is another very important service that helps remember every moment and every speech as vivid and clear as possible.

Especially during  an emotional day like this, it is barely impossible to remember everything, every detai of the vows, speeches, music and dances. Therefore the videography plays a very important role on your wedding day, it records important steps of the day like your guests’ speechs, part of the ceremony  text, your vows, how your voice was trembling, giving back a real sense of the feelings. 

Moreover, the current trend in videography is to provide a service with the drone, which will catch the whole day from a higher point of view together with spectacular panoramic views, the complete setting and decorations of the villa, seen from above. 

Once you have a clear vision of the photography and videography styles you love most, it is also important to understand the package ideal for you and the one that fits your budget and  the running order of the day.  Usually, the photographers offer a full day package, which covers a total of 12 hours, from your getting ready to your first dance. Depending on the running order of the day or simply on your budget, you can instead opt for a smaller service: elopement package, 8 hours package or just a few hours for a couple session.

All the questions you may ask to a photographer 


Makeup artists, hairdressers, fashion stylist will take care of Bride and Groom to ensure you look stunning.

We collaborate with the most famous and talented stylists and beauty consultants, who provide a wide range of services regarding the imagine consulting. The stylist and her/his staff will take care of the hairstyle and make-up of our brides and grooms and their loved ones, so that you are perfect on your Big day!

When suggesting our trusted stylists, we bear in mind their skills and the style they realize. From your side you should be prepared and consider the types and colour of your skin and choose the artist who usually works with the same type, the intensity of the make-up, from the more natural to the most dark and intense look and have an idea of the style you love.

Of course, it is purely a personal taste, but whatever your choice is, be sure that you are in good hands. 

A few days before the wedding, we suggest you take an appointment for a make-up and hair trial in order to be sure that you like what you are actually going to choose for the day and how it can be combined with your wedding dress.

Our brides often like to change their hairstyle and make-up according to the different moments of the day. You could prefer to have a more elegant hairstyle during the ceremony and go for a simple and easy ponytail for the party. 

Get inspired by our selection of the best Bridal Make-up and Hairstyles 


Flowers & Decorations

We love creating special and superb scenarios with flower decorations, lighting effects and colourful fabrics. From an elegant table setting to the boho-chic centrepiece and again a country chic ceremony detail, we will create the perfect style for you according to your preferences and personal taste.

It’s not easy to list everything concerning the decorations of a wedding. Whatever you want to organize a simple wedding or a super luxury production, we have what you need!

We start working on the essentials that must not be missing on a wedding: personal flowers such as bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, than decorations for the different moment and spaces on the venue, on the altar and around the ceremony area, centrepieces on the lounge areas at the aperitif and a nice decoration for the wedding table.

All these items can be personalized and be either all in your preferred colour or a jubilation of colours!  

We work with talented floral designers who know how to satisfy all your requests and budgets.

Styling moodboard & Rendering

We do not we waste time, and we soon start with the identification of the wedding theme and style. We will focus on it right from the start on understanding the style that suits you best by presenting a styling questionnaire to be filled out immediately. We work on the project with the support of our stylists, designers and architects and we will be able to understand and put into practice what you imagine. We will guide your through the choice of the best colours, patterns, fabrics, textures, types of set up, table set up, combining all in a perfect match!

You will be excited when you realize how your imagination can wander and how fast it transforms into something tangible and real. We’ll work with floral mock-up and trials always following your indication. If you want to help us, just free your imagination and start collecting as many images and photos as possible! 10 most wanted wedding themes and designs 



To be such, a party must have a certain amount of fun and magic. 

Professional DJs, Barmen and dancers will animate your wedding party so you can dance and have fun all night!

To create memorable weddings and events, we collaborate with the most talented artists and professionals of the entertainment field. We have everything you may like, the only limit is your imagination..

We work with amazing performers, ready to provide tailormade and unique shows.

We’ll personalize your entertainment experience. Just tell us your vision and we’ll transform your wedding into a real fun and brilliant show. Just to name a few artists:  trampolinists, acrobats, pole dancers, aerialists, fire performances, illusionists, magicians, led and water acts and much more.


The music is a key factor on your wedding day. 

From the ceremony processional to the first dance, figuring out the right songs for weddings can definitely be a challenge. If you’re not sure where to start, let us guide you and introduce you our trusted and tested professionals, specialized in wedding party songs and wedding reception music.

Just remember, your wedding music will set the tone (literally) for your whole day, so work with your band or DJ to plan a music vibe that will keep the dance floor packed. That said, once you have hired your wedding music pros, don’t feel like you have to micromanage every song on the playlist. It’s their job to keep the party going -all you have to worry about is whether or not to choreograph a wedding dance!

From the prelude to the recessional, wedding musicians provide live music to make your ceremony a memorable one. There are so many wedding musicians to choose from, including string ensembles, harpists, organists, guitarists, and more. 

Looking for a wedding band to provide live music for your reception and party? We can suggest a wide selection of wedding bands that specialize in musical genres from country to jazz, R&B to rock, and much more. Whether you’re searching for a small ensemble or a larger wedding band, you’ll find lots of choices.

As alternative to a live band or why not, also together, you’ll want to find a wedding DJ who has great musical taste and can fill up your dance floor! We work with both Italian and International Djs we can’t wait to present you! 

How to select the music for your wedding: discover our Partners! 



Save the dates, invitations, thank- you cards, place cards, escort cards, table numbers, seating chat and ceremony booklets.. all of these tiny details will perfectly match together and combine your wedding stationery! 

The style of your stationery completes the fil rouge of your wedding. It must be strictly in line with the style of your wedding as it is an anticipation of the mood of day to the guests.

That’s why we collaborate with professional designers and calligraphers, who from the initial steps will help you understand the general theme you desire. Once the mood is set, we refine our research and define the details: colour palette, type and weight of paper, embellishment, font, stamps, fabric. In short, they offer a wide range of services and propose a number of different projects to work with to make sure you have the perfect match. 

All the above will be ready on time for the invitations and save the dates. 

Moreover, if you want, our trusted designers will take care of the creation and building of the seating plan and place cards. 


Our team is ready to support you with the construction of a personalized Wedding Website, that you can share with your guests and exchange with them the most important information of the event:  it becomes the point of reference for all your invites, where you collect the wedding program, the timeline, suggestions of hotels and accommodations, activities of the area,  and accurate details and schedule for transfers and shuttle buses. 

Did you know that through a website it is also possible to create an automatic RVSP? Easy, isn’t? 

5 Tips to create the perfect wedding stationery 


In a wedding, everything needs to be designed at perfection. One of the aspects that is often underestimated and where we do not pay enough attention, as it is often mistakenly considered superfluous, is the selection and choice of lights.

Here at VWE we strongly believe that a careful design of the lighting project can help create the right atmosphere at each moment of your wedding day.

All the moment are important and deserve enough attention and illumination. With the right lights, we can literally transform the space and make it suitable for one or another specific situation.

We will work with talented lighting technicians and engineers and will let be inspired by the general mood of the event and let be guided the suggestions of their experience, always bearing in mind your tastes and preferences.

We will devote time and study to the definition of the wedding lights and we will focus on the in-depth analysis of how to set the lights, what effect to create, what aspect to enhance through a particular beam of light, the selection of the colors, the various shapes of the lamps.

Just to give you a few examples, you may want to opt for vintage bulb lights, elegant crystal chandeliers, bamboo lamps, or again modern string lights enriched with floral hanging compositions or greenery garlands in order to obtain an even more magical effect during your wedding dinner. Your event will be beautiful, but with a studied project it can be transformed into something magical and memorable. Together we’ll study the single areas of the venue, offering different solutions of the needed functional lights but also how to give a unique touch of brilliance to the single space.

Moreover, do not forget how the lights are important for a good party: the disco lights will move and be sync with the music, giving movement to the dancefloor. Starting with the cutting of the cake, the first dance and then the most funny and craziest dances will be followed by the lights.

Just play with your imagination! Whatever your choice, we recommend you rely only on tested and highly skilled professionals because the lighting aspect is one of the most delicate services that require greater attention to safety. The work must be done in compliance with the laws and obviously respecting the place where the event will take place.

Discover the latest trend of wedding lights!


We know how stressful organizing an event abroad and a destination wedding can be.

 an emotional point of view especially because your interest is all focused on the guests 

we know how important it is for you to make your guests feel comfortable ensuring that their holiday and your wedding represent a peaceful stay, a memorable holiday, an unforgettable experience and above all an easy and stress-free travel.

From this awareness, we have studied our concierge package, suitable for all the couples who want to guarantee a joyful experience and a particular attention to their guests, families and dearest friends.

we know how much this aspect can influence the decision towards a place, a venue or another, it is born ad hoc in order to guarantee a pleasant stay. We have thought of an ad hoc service designed for this reason.

learn more about what we can offer visiting the blog and follow the services:

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Tent & Marquee & Heaters

When selecting your wedding venue, you should keep in mind one of the most fundamental things: a possible plan B in case of bad weather or rain.

We often wrongly think that a plan B should necessarily be worse than a plan A or an outdoor reception. Actually a lot of villas and castles have and put at your disposal very beautiful, spacious rooms and indoor spaces, that can be transformed into a valid alternative in case of rain. There are many venues with amazing, frescoed rooms and real museum galleries.

 If, on the other hand, you have already chosen a location where there are no internal spaces big enough for your number of guests or for all the different moments of the day, we recommend relying on professionals who can provide you with a tent or a marquee.

 With our help and with the support of our trusted suppliers, we will make your wedding even more beautiful despite the rain. We will assemble and disassemble tents or gazebos that perfectly match the reception area and the chosen decorations.

Whether you would like to opt for a stretch tent or a transparent crystal marquee, we can guarantee that your wedding ceremony or reception will be super safe and covered, always respecting your budget. From the very beginning, we will make sure that your budget could include a good plan B. 

Together with a tent, it is also good to remember that for winter weddings or weddings on a rainy day, is often necessary to arrange heaters to make your guests feel at ease for the whole reception. 

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