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Vanessa Cacioli

Vanessa Cacioli

Wedding Planner

Planning an event, especially a long-distance wedding, can be stressful and can cause sleepless nights.

The best choice to make it in order to enjoy the fantastic adventure of planning a destination wedding is to hire a professional wedding planner. But how to choose the right one?

Here are some simple and practical tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Schedule a phone interview with a wedding planner. It is useful to meet her/him and can help you solve your first doubts and understand the type of services they will offer and clarify the services you need;
  • Before the call, you should prepare a list of questions and clarify with her/him the aspects that are the most important to you; collecting some inspirational images of your dream wedding can make your planner visualize the event you want to create;
  • establish a starting budget and follow his/her advice on how to keep all the wedding related expenses under control, deposits paid and the remaining balance;
  • choose a planner who knows and work well and efficiently with local suppliers, who is local and who lives in that place. This way you will make sure that she/he knows every person, every place in detail and will not make you spend on travel expenses or site visits.
  • Choose a planner who is organized, polite, friendly and has a precise working method. Often many planners work with specific tools such as timelines, budget planning files, reports, all very important tools that facilitate and ease the planning process;
  • choose a planner that works with professionals offering a good quality service and create a great team. Having a friendly and close-knit team will create a super good atmosphere and will transform your wedding day into something magical also for all the wedding staff members.   
  • Choose a planner that guides you through the decision making and that respects your tastes and preferences in terms of flowers, lights, decorations. Remember that YOU are the stars of the party and the last decision is up to you!
  • Choose a planner who charges a fixed, clear, and precise planning fee. Be careful because behind too low rates, there is often inexperience, marks up on suppliers’ prices and ultimately hidden costs!
  • as a last tip, I would like to also mention this: any planner you choose must be the person you trust! Sometimes it is difficult to understand it at first but there is one thing that I have understood through years of experience in this beautiful job, is that instinct plays a fundamental role. If you trust her/him, then she/he is the right one. In fact, as in all relationships, the relationship between clients and wedding planners must also be based on trust.

I hope that these small but precious tips will be of help!

So, what you are waiting for? Contact me now for more information!

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